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Plastic Screw Countersunk Head Crossed Round Head Nylon Screw M2-M6

Plastic Screw Countersunk Head Crossed Round Head Nylon Screw.M2-M6 Complete Specifications Natural Transparent Black Colors.Quick DetailsFinish: plasticMaterial: Nylon, PA66 PC POMMeasurement system: MetricHead Style: PanPlace of Origin: Jiangxi, ChinaBrand Name: HYModel Number: M2-M6Standard: ISOc

Product Details

Plastic Screw Countersunk Head Crossed Round Head Nylon Screw.

M2-M6 Complete Specifications Natural Transparent Black Colors.

Quick Details

Finish: plastic

Material: Nylon, PA66 PC POM

Measurement system: Metric

Head Style: Pan

Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China

Brand Name: HY

Model Number: M2-M6

Standard: ISO

cretificate: ISO9001 RoHS IATF16949

molding type: plastic injection

color: natural/transparent/black

unit: MM

Flame class: 94-V2

MPQ: 1000pcs/nylon Bag

MOQ: 1000pcs

1. Can be made in different materials, such as: Nylon, PC, POM, PEI.

2. Colour can be designed according to customers' require.

3. Our nylon screws and nuts provide excellent resistance against chemicals. It is a material with a high level of dielectric strength, it does not rust and prevents damage due to breaking strength during mechanical stress.

Plastic screw product application

At present, plastic screws are widely used in consumer electronics, household appliances, communication antennas, shipbuilding, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, LED lamps, display racks and other industries to replace traditional hardware screws. Plastic screws are characterized by light weight, small volume, insulation, beauty, environmental protection, non rust, convenient and fast installation. The colors are black, white, natural color, and can also be used Adjust the color according to the customer's needs, and the specifications are complete.

Plastic screw product performance

Plastic screws are also called plastic screws, nylon screws and insulating screws. The head shape and size are generally made with reference to the standards of hardware screws, and are generally made of PA66 and PC insulating plastics. They are used to connect and fasten two separated objects. They mainly use the insulation, low density and no electromagnetic interference of plastic materials to realize their insulating connection and fastening functions. When installing, it can be installed only with an electric screwdriver, which is time-saving, convenient and fast.