The Introductions of plastic screw cover buckle


In our lives, screws and nuts can be seen everywhere, but many people have never heard of the "screw cover button". In fact, it often appears in our lives, but everyone lacks a pair of eyes to find screws, which are used as plastic screws. As a leading enterprise, Heying will take us familiar with and briefly understand the screw cover buttons in our lives.

The screw cover button is made of brand-new environmentally-friendly imported materials. It is resistant to high and low temperature and friction. It is mainly used for the protruding of the head of the M5 screw. Rusty, small size, beautiful, easy to install, light weight, no magnetic interference, complete specifications; widely used in electronics, decoration, toys, furniture, outdoor engineering, washing plastic sanitary ware, instrumentation and other industries.

screw cover

Product alias introduction:

The nicknames of screw caps can be divided into: screw caps and screw caps. The screw cover is a series of plastic fasteners.

The main application introduction of the product:

Screw cover buckles are mainly used for screws and electronics, computer PC boards, machine boards and fixed aesthetics.

Product feature introduction:

Good insulation, no rust, no corrosion, light weight.

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