Promoting global insturial components standardization.


To be Number one of specific industries.

Core Value

Customer is the first, Employees are the the second, then is shareholder. 

Work hard and live happily; create value for customers;

Seek material and spiritual happiness for employees, make profits for shareholders, and take social responsibilities.


Supplying every customer with best quality, lowest cost and most efficient industrial components.


Keeping the top rank position in specific market;

Pushing product internal standardization, industrial standardization, national standardization, and global standardization to save social resources, improve social efficiency, reduce environment pollution, and promote the development and progress of the whole society.

Management Philosophy 

Wholeheatedly serive and value added products.

Customer Service Idea

Be with you all the time.

Employee Displine

Never fail to do anything good which you deem as petty; never dare to do anything evil which you consider as trivial.

Duty Spirit

Respect comes from profession.

Quality Scheme

Customer Satisfaction, Zero Defect

Environment Scheme

Observe disciplines and obey laws, treasure the resources.

Product Scheme

Best quality, lowest cost, highest efficiency