Since establishment in 2004, Heying has been fully committed to R&D, manufacturing and marketing with the most humanized plastic parts as substitution to metal parts.

We admire the core value as“INTEGRITY, ESTEEM,INTROSPECTION,BREAKTHROUGH” , and devote to supplying the most complete industrial components and quick service to every customer.Taking the great advantages of R&D and manufacture technology of standard plastic components, We have been continuously developing new products with wide range and proving customers with quick solutions to the broadest product category.

We have self-developed automatic production line which promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional production pattern.With advanced te chnology of precision plastic injection molding, uni and bi-color injection molding, integration of metal and plastic parts injection molding, precision mold design and manufacture, full automatic packing, independent and complete dust-free,hot stamping, silk printing and pad printing, as well as reliable supporting supply chain for spraying, and electroplating technology; We make ourselves the most complete and professional customized intelligent manufacturing service provider to customers.

Heying has acquired ISO9001, IATF 1 6949, ISO13485 and GBJ9001C-2017 certificates which are authenticated by SGS. Depending on high standard measurement center and experiment center, by fully uilizing statistics calculation tool, Heying has been continuously improving product quality. Based on this significant benefit, Heying has gained widely recognition and trust from customers with award-winning products and service, and now becomes the leading manufacturer and vendor for plastic and metal parts in the industry.

Adhering the philosophy of“customer oriented, wholehearted service and value added products",  we strive to become the prior option as one stop industrial components service provider and partner to customers in communication device, audio equipment, medical equipment, electronic, machinery, and any other industrial equipment manufacture industry.